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RAI, Lajpat (Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga) 

According to one school of Yoga, the 'Self'-The Inner Conscious Instrument' - governs the ultimate health at physical, mental, emotional and intellectual levels. Yoga emphasizes that 'Self is nothing but -(i) accumulated tensions, (ii) all sorts of diseases, illnesses, (iii) desires unfulfilled, hopes frustrated, expectations and dreams - all broken, and fractured, (iv) the most purified form of the ego, and (v) the last remmant of strain, stress and tension. According to Patanjali "Once we are clinging to body, mind and intellect, they function under the influence of law of gravitation. Once one becomes aware that one is neither the body nor the mind nor the intellect, suddenly one starts rising upwards i.e. some centre somewhere high up in the sky pulls one up. That law is called 'Law of Levitation'. This law has to be there, otherwise gravitation could not exist. Based on this paradigm, the science of yoga observes that: "One who is able to maintain a constant state of desirelessness, even towards the most exalted states of enlightenment - "the ultimate renunciation", and is able to exercise the highest kind of discrimination, enters the state known as "the ultimate health" - wholeness, wherein all wounds get healed. This shall be explained with scientific evidence and implications for health psychology.

RAO, R.A.P.(A11 India Radio, Delhi). 

Wide network of Radio in India - The cheapest electronic medium with wider reach. Even the illiterate and blind can listen and understand. Health education units in AIR broadcasting at regular intervals -National health schemes get priority - AIR has Family Welfare Advisory Committee to suggest programmes on A.I.R. Special funds are given to AIR for broadcast. Stress is given on family welfare, nutrition, childcare and allied subjects - Phone-in-programmes help listeners to get advise from expert doctors - Letters are received from listeners and they are sent to specialists for replies -Health line programmes are most popular in south and north - As an average A.I.R. get 200 letters per week for replies. "Uthe Acche Swasthey Ke Sath" programme broadcast from Delhi on Mondays and Wednesday is very popular - Anchorpersons get so many calls and we have to extend the programme - Patients from far and wide telephone. Health Management is one of the priority areas of A.I.R. broadcasts - Regular programmes on AIDS, TB, Malaria, Family Welfare and broadcast from different Radio Stations.

RAJESH (University of Delhi) 

While several agencies are now providing counselling services through various modes, a service provided under Population Education Resource Centre, University of Delhi, has been a pace-settler in providing quality services based on well designed system of addressing the problems of student youth. Helpline Counselling Services have been providing a platform for training of counsellors and sharing experiences through wider dissemination. Lessons learnt can help other organizations to meet the information and provide quality counselling to youth for a better sexual and reproductive health. Delhi University Helpline Counselling provides advice, information and services to help young students in developing positive attitude. The present paper reports the results of preliminary analysis of the kind of health problems experienced and suggests possible intervention strategies.

SAPRA, Rekha (Bharti Mahila College) 

Under achievement (UA) is essentially a discrepancy between student's high ability and mediocre or poor performance in school. It is a great loss to the child and the society as a whole. This leads to a feeling of frustration and inadequacy in children. Such children usually have a low self esteem, coupled with this is the secondary characteristics wherein the children displays defensive avoidance of threatening academic tasks and consequently develop deficiencies in skills, study habits and school concentration. Gifted UA are not motivated enough to try out challenging tasks. Underachievement is basically a learned behaviour. The focus therefore should be on how the child can unlearn this behaviour so as to realize his/her potential to the fullest. The present paper tries to explore some of the interventional strategies to deal with children who are intellectually precocious but still are underachievers according to school expectations. The present paper brings into focus the ways and means to motivate the gifted children so that their underachievement gets translated into achievement and the children develop a sense of positive accomplishment.

(SAAP-Delhi Con.-1999)
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