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KUMAR, Amod (St. Stephen's Hospital, Delhi) 

Community Health Department of St. Stefen's Hospital is providing comprehensive health and development services to the slums and resettlement colonies, Sunder Nagri, Amar Colony, Tahirpur and Rajeev Colony in East Delhi. Total population covered is over 62000. Entire population is enrolled and monitored with its family folder based MIS . Team of the program consists of 33 full time members including doctors, nurses, health educator, social worker and other supportive staff. The program enjoys high level of community support and participation. Program activities include regular home visits for health check-ups, clinics, day care centre, creche, vocational training classes, income generation program including a masala unit and a printing press, judo classes for girls, youth clubs, talent development programs etc. Also we organize training for grass root level workers, dais, medical interns and nursing students. Major problem of this community includes poverty, women's poor status and illiteracy, sanitation and lack of community organization. Apart from other issues we are focusing on women's emancipation. Judo training is an innovative approach to build up confidence among the girl children. It has produced interesting results. During presentation we will discuss this as a case study and its psychological impact

KUMAR, Manoj (Department of Adult, Continuing Education & 
Extension, University of Delhi) 

This paper reports the results of an empirical enquiry into the level of information and education amongst truck drivers concerning STD, HIV, and AIDS. The results show large scale ignorance and reluctance of truck drivers regarding contraceptive practices to prevent these diseases. It was observed that in more than 90 percent cases, they were engaged in unsafe sexual practices. It appears that specific information package for truck drivers, coupled with attitudinal change of police personnel and mass awareness campaign would be useful to prevent HIV and AIDS.

KUMAR , Nirmal (G.B. Pant Hospital) & GAUR, Sunil (Zakir Hussain College) 

Modern urban life puts demands on our bio-psycho system and disrupts the bio-rhythms (internal harmony) which have evolved over millennia. The resulting disequilibrium in our mind-body system is experienced in the form of stress to which the individual reacts by coping. Two modes of coping are available: (i) Developing greater sensitivity to the inner workings of our mind-body system and bringing about life-style changes aimed at restoring the inherent balance; or (ii) Resorting to various coping mechanisms which are maladaptive in the long run such as drugs and alcohol, and though momentarily offering the illusionary experience of peace and oneness, in the long run creating havoc on our psyche and soma.

LAL, Rakesh (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) 

The burden experienced by family members of patients dependent on opioids was investigated. The severity of addiction was also assessed. The majority of the sample of 50 patients was from lower socio-economic-group with low education and poor employment status. It was found that opioid dependent patients cause considerable distress in the family members in the domains of family finance, routine activities, leisure activities and physical and mental health.

MEHTA, Karuna & BROOTA, Nittin (Zakir Hussain College) 

The present study explored the extent to which job related factors and conditions in work environment affect the job satisfaction and motivation of the workers and further to what extent job satisfaction and motivation affect the physiological and psychological health. The total sample consisted of 15 Bank Managers and 15 College Lecturers. Satisfaction-Dissatisfaction Employees Inventories, Work Motivation Questionnaire and Psych-Physiological State Inventory were administered personally. Results reveal that persons in different work environment do not differ significantly in their total job satisfaction. Both the groups were found to be highly satisfied. The two groups do not differ on the "personal adjustment area" either. Results also indicate that bank employees show better social relation and are also significantly on higher side on the variable of work motivation. The two groups do not differ on the variable of physical and psychological health. It was found that job satisfaction has a significant impact on overall health, physiological health and on psychological health of employees. The present research emphasizes the need for intervention programmes in organizations and institutions to create awareness about importance of satisfactory work management as a major contributing factor in maintaining positive physical and mental health.

(SAAP-Delhi Con.-1999)
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