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Psychology is the science of mind and behavior. Psychology is the study of human psyche and mind where in the mental processes and behavior is analyzed and a relationship is established in the functioning and working of the brain and the influence of daily incidents of life on the functioning.  Its immediate goal is to understand behavior and mental processes by researching and establishing both general principles and specific cases. For many practitioners, one goal of applied psychology is to benefit society. In this field, a professional practitioner or researcher is called a psychologist, and can be classified as a social scientist, behavioral scientist, or cognitive scientist.

Psychologists attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior, while also exploring the physiological and neurobiological processes that underlie certain functions and behaviors.
What is Psychology?
Child psychology looks at the many influences on the mind and behavior of children
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Child psychology - Playing

Gender Differences in Child Rearing Practices as a Function of Social Change
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Psychology has now expanded its scope to the point where it studies virtually every question about human behavior you can possibly imagine and then some. Psychologybd covers all aspects of human behavior to explore such concepts as perception, cognition, attention, emotion, phenomenology, motivation, brain functioning, personality, behavior, memory, online psychology, interpersonal relationships, concrete shape to feelings and it is approached scientifically, the concept of concentration, attentiveness etc. Any one can contribute their thoughts and ideas at psychologybd. and Everyday Life
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Psychologists explore such concepts as perception, cognition, attention, emotion, phenomenology, motivation, brain functioning, personality, behavior, and interpersonal relationships. Psychology gives a concrete shape to feelings and it is approached scientifically. Psychology also handles with the concept of concentration, memory, attentiveness and relationships with other people.

Some, especially depth psychologists, also consider the unconscious mind.a Psychologists employ empirical methods to infer causal and correlational relationships between psychosocial variables.

In addition, or in opposition, to employing empirical and deductive methods, some especially clinical and counseling psychologists at times rely upon symbolic interpretation and other inductive techniques. Psychology incorporates research from the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities, such as philosophy.
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Psychology is the science of mind and behavior.
Psychological acupuncture helps reduce food cravings

A bit of psychological acupuncture might help you to reduce your food cravings and lose weight, according to a Gold Coast-based Bond University researcher. Clinical psychologist Dr Peta Stapleto's new weight-loss method uses needle-free stimulation...... More
Psychological Toll of False-positive Mammogram, Danish Study:

March 24, 2013 Permalink Tweet: Psychological Toll of False-positive Mammogram, Danish Study: click here. Submitted by Jeffrey Dach. Tell A Friend. submit to reddit · submit to stumble upon. Perhaps the high rate of unnecessary biopsy procedures... More
US Still Paying Billions in Benefits to Deal With Psychological Effects of War

The graves of Confederate soldiers in Charleston, S.C. Two children of Civil War veterans are still receiving survivor benefits. (Library of Congress / PBS)The U.S. government is paying billions to war veterans and their families, including monthly... More
Women have negative psychological effects from false positive mammograms

Investigators have reported that psychological after-effects of false-positive mammograms were found to persist for at least three years after women received the erroneous findings. And at six months, psychological testing revealed that women .... More

Daylight shows off its psychological scares in first gameplay video

The Seattle-based development team at Zombie Studios' has released the first gameplay video for its upcoming Unreal Engine 4-powered psychological thriller Daylight. Daylight is a procedurally generated title emphasizing exploration... More
Weekly Closing below psychological 5700 level in Nifty - Angel Broking

This resulted in weekly closing below the psychological level of 5700 in Nifty after nearly four months. This price action has now confirmed a 'Lower Top Lower Bottom' formation for the first time after January 14,
2011 and indicates a probability... More
Magnotta's lawyer wants extra money for experts' psychological evaluation

Luka Magnotta's lawyer wants extra public funds to have his client, who is charged with the first-degree murder of Lin Jun, undergo a pre-trial psychological evaluation. Luc Leclair is being paid by legal aid to represent Magnotta, 30, but .... More

Cabin fever: The psychology behind late-winter blues

Mental health, and seasonal affective disorder in particular, can worsen when the sunlight-deprived days of winter minimize vitamin D exposure, said Jan Eriksen, Viterbo University interim chair of psychology. The longer days of spring usually provide ... More
The psychology of fonts |

Crafting an invitation or a ticket is an art. We have to take into account things like layout and structure, color scheme, text boxes and of course ... More
Free lecture in Harrogate: Psychology of Dance
The British Psychological Society

The different affects dancing has on our minds and bodies will be explored in our free open lecture in Harrogate on Tuesday 9 April (6-7pm). Presenting 'Dance Psychology: Health, thinking and Hormones' is the
energetic and entertaining Dr Peter Lovatt ... More

WVU Sport and Exercise Psychology program receives national ...

West Virginia University's Sport and Exercise Psychology program was recognized with the Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training in Exercise ... More
How Wedding Fever Can Ruin Your Relationship | World of ... By YourTango Experts

Find Help · Community · Pro · ADHD · Anxiety & Panic · Autism · Bipolar · Depression · Eating Disorders · OCD · Parenting · Personality · Psychotherapy · PTSD · Relationships · Schizophrenia · Stress · World of Psychology · About this blog ... More
Positive Psychology Group Therapy for Maximum Security Male Inmates ...

I quickly gravitated toward the positive social sciences and landed on Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive (Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi, 2000 ... More
School psychology experts at Swinburne
Swinburne University Media Centre

International experts in school psychology will share their knowledge about
successful school psychology programs operating in the USA when they speak
at an Australian Psychological Society (APS) event being held at Swinburne
University of Technology ... More
Psychology Professor Engages Campus in Effort to Protect Students' Mental Health
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)

Robin D. Everall, 61, a professor of counseling psychology at the University of Alberta and a researcher on suicidal behavior in young adults, has been named an associate dean of students. In her new role, shewill continue the work she undertook in ... More

False-positive mammography results have harmful psychological effects
Oncology Nurse Advisor

(HealthDay News) -- A false-positive test result from screening mammography is not harmless and can result in negative long-term psychosocial consequences, according to research published in the March/April issue of the Annals of Family Medicine... More
Tidal wave of psychological problems as troops return from Afghanistan
Newstalk ZB

Australians are being told to expect 'a tidal wave of psychological problems' as troops return home from Afghanistan. The Government has announced 1000 Australian troops will be back home by the end of the year. Australian correspondent Murray Olds ... More
Psychological evaluation ordered for teen charged in Feb. 13 crime ...
By mattadamsfox59

INDIANAPOLIS – A judge has ordered a psychological evaluation for a teenager charged in a deadly February crime spree. The evaluation will play a major role in whether the 15-year-old suspect will be charged as an adult. He's currently ... More
The hoisting of the national flag of Bangladesh symbolizes the love of the people towards their nation. It echoes the spirit of patriotism, nationalism and unity. A Child Sadman Sakib participated in the festivities with joy of the 26 March 2013 Independent day of Bangladesh.
Obama Song – Motivation for the Nation.
The song is a symbol of Psychological Motivation for the Nation.
Eid Ul Fitr is a holiday marking the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting which is one of the greatest religious observances in Islam. It is a time to give in charity to those in need, and celebrate with family and friends the completion of a month of blessings and joy.
The hoisting of the national flag of Bangladesh symbolizes the love of the people towards their nation. It echoes the spirit of patriotism, nationalism and unity. A Child Sadman Sakib participated in the festivities with joy of the 26 March 2013 Independent day of Bangladesh.